Samantha Henderson (samhenderson) wrote,
Samantha Henderson

A useful creature, a dog

Haunting update.

So this morning I was sitting on the couch. They kids had already left for school, and I was just trying to gather my scattered thoughts and prepare for the day.  The room is the kind of house-length length entry/living/dining room you get in small craftsman bungalows, with the old narrow floorboards. The dog was sitting at my feet.

Then, between me and the morris chair: a footstep, a floor-board creaking footstep.

And the dog looks up as if someone was there and gives a little woof.  Not so much a threatening or warning bark but the sort of almost sub-vocalized, grumpy sound that means I know you’re there and you know I’m here just so we all know where all of us are.

I just sat there until the dog wandered off and then I came into work and here I am.
Tags: dogs, ghosts, the life

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